Join us on December 16th with a panel of experts discussing “Job Hunting on LinkedIn- Best Practices.”

Let’s face it, our current economic environment has shifted and looking for a new role can be tedious. How do I get noticed? What should my profile include? Where can I find job openings? The list of questions goes on and we are here to coach you through. Join us for an interactive panel discussion and learn the dark secrets behind what recruiters look for and how to get noticed.

Date: December 16th, 2020
Time: 3pm
Location: Zoom

Cost: $10

Debbie Milks – COO of Brookwoods Group
Rollis Fontenot III – CEO of Ascend HR Corp
Johanna Chryssikos – CEO of Artemis Partners

Once you register, you will receive an initial email with a few questions so that we may collect your specific questions or concerns and include them in the discussion. This will be an interactive panel with advice, tips and tricks along with a question and answer section. Stay to the end for Free Give Away.