“Longevity in business is about being able to reinvent yourself or invent the future.”

– Satya Nadella – Microsoft CEO


We strive to enhance each individuals goals, purpose and career strategy by diving into their background, professional and personal motivations and the type of culture that would best support their ambitions. As a team, we want to be able to assist the ‘whole person’ throughout their job search or career move. This journey can be deceiving, tedious and at times relentless. We are here to be a support and provide honest, helpful feedback along the way. Therefore we have put together our ‘Career Agent’ platform to provide multiple support areas for individuals who are in various phases of their careers.


Let me start off my saying I have used recruiting services before both when I was looking to hire people and when I was looking for a job for myself. I have fair amount of experience stretching about eight years with various recruiters. I expressed my concern and reservation to the Director of Recruiting immediately about going through another recruiter . She proceeded to tell me that she will show me the difference and we politely said goodbye. The next day she was following up with me which really convinced me that she was getting to know me, learning what I was looking for as well as what wouldn’t work for me so as to prevent placing me in company where I would only be there short term. After the initial “getting to know you”, she was always very receptive to text messages and emails and I can say that since February, I received at least one phone call a week from her. She would keep me posted and updated on what she found and recommended as a good fit or why she didn’t think it would be a good fit, and she was right every time. Overall, I have been very pleased with Melissa and Artemis as I never, not once ever felt that she let something fall through the cracks. Most importantly even through COVID shutdowns, she has been a valuable person to bounce ideas off of and to receive honest, insightful, and useful information from. If I were instructed to start looking and hiring people in my company, I would have no reservations using Artemis because I know that every candidate they are going to put in front of me is going to be an ideal candidate and not a random guess.  
Financial Controller – Manufacturing