“Great vision without great people is irrelevant.”

– Jim Collins

Executive Search in Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio

We have helped companies in many different verticals and departments to achieve their executive search needs. Our vast resources benefit our clients in finding qualified candidates that fit the job title, expertise and the company’s environment. Let’s face it, if they cannot work with your team, they are a bad hire to start.

Our philosophy is not to find the first candidate and send them your way. We vet resumes, complete Professional Profiles and conduct in person interviews prior to recommending candidates. We have the ability to staff for short and long term projects on a monthly basis, contract to hire, and permanent placement.

All of our candidates come with a package of information for you to review and assess.

  • Resume
  • Cover Letter
  • 3 Written References
  • Professional Photo
  • Social Media Links
  • Professional Profile Assessment 
  • Interview questions based off of assessment results

Our Process:

Each candidate that we place in front of our clients is vetted with a white glove approach. We look out for the best fit for your company while ensuring the individual is also being placed in a position that is a good fit for them. This ensures longevity and productivity as an end result.

Professional Profile Assessment: This assessment looks at the individual strengths and capabilities of our candidates. By completing this assessment we are able to look at their knowledge base, personality and how they make decisions based off the first two. By working with your hiring team, we can target the best fit for your company by using these results to not only find experienced candidates but to ensure that they will fit your culture.

Approach: By using our processes and tools, we are able to target the right candidates and in a timely manner. We do not believe in sending you multiple resumes and having you take your time to review them. Because we have a targeted approach we have the ability to vet and narrow down candidates that would be qualified based on previous job duties, responsibilities, experience and culture fit.

Culture: We focus heavily on culture because let’s face it, if the candidate has all of the experience you are looking for but does not work well with your existing team, then Houston we have a problem! After meeting with your hiring team in person we are able to truly understand the qualities you are looking for in your next hire.

What POSITION Can We Fill For You?


We enjoyed working with the team at Artemis. Their process for hiring is helpful in navigating resumes and candidates. They were able to send us 3 qualified individuals and we hired immediately to accomplish our need.

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