Artemis was the Olympian goddess of hunting — and also the protector. We think of ourselves exactly that. We hunt for the best talent for our company clients and opportunities for our career support clients. We protect the interests of our clients to ensure their needs are fulfilled.

If you are looking to find the right hire and tired of doing it the same old way, ARTEMIS is here to help. Our philosophy, processes and structure give you more options when it comes to hiring or finding your next role.

ARTEMIS Partners was created to provide clients with a complete package of resources that will be beneficial to their goals. This is achievable through vast connections, strong determination, the ability to vet the needs of your company in order to be that one person in your corner who will be on your side to achieve your staffing or support goals.

We use talent acquisition, skills, employee relations expertise, management styles and motivational techniques to assist in developing and maintaining a high standard of professionalism and respect. We are extremely task driven, and have a great passion for people and their businesses.

We have developed strong relationships with large companies that span many disciplines and have been a great asset to their business development, growth, strategy, and company.


Our Founder and Owner Johanna Chryssikos wanted to develop an environment for clients that was focused on their needs. By looking at what is important to clients, she felt that having the ability to find the right resources was extremely valuable. The capability to structure, hunt and select the right resources for the benefit of the client was the goal and our clients are a testimony to a process that was well thought out.

Our clients get to be the HERO!

Johanna was born and raised in Houston, Texas where she still calls home. She has a passion for the Houston economy and has a vast network within the area after years of doing business in Houston and surrounding cities. Most would say she has the energy level of 3 people and we would agree! Her passion for connecting people, companies, resources and opportunities is ongoing and she thrives on meeting client expectations.

Johanna graduated with her bachelors degrees in Business and Education from Sam Houston State and went on to complete her MBA at the University of Houston. Her experience working as a consultant in the staffing, recruiting, technology, marketing, financial and executive space have given her the leverage she and the company need to assist clients in being successful. Her experience as an administrator at the secondary level has provided her the skill set to lead, share her vision, understand other’s needs, stick to budgets, train employees and communicate well with our clients.

She believes EVERYONE should have OPTIONS, no matter how doubtful having options may seem, because here at ARTEMIS we make our clients the HERO!


“We cannot say enough about Johanna and her team at Artemis Partners. The team at Artemis combines a knowledge of employer needs with a skilled counseling approach when working with potential Executive job applicants. They see both perspectives, between the employer’s culture and the applicant’s strengths. Johanna recently helped us find a new CFO which is one of the most critical positions any company can fill. Through her candid assessment to both parties as well as her understanding of our business and the careful diligence she displayed in bringing us qualified candidates, we were able to pinpoint the perfect match for our company. As a result, we now have the highest level of confidence the financial health of our business is in great hands.”

Distribution, Houston – Owner